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About Surgeson Carson


Surgeson Carson are Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Bankruptcy & Credit Counsellors in the Ottawa region, including Orleans. Since 1997, Surgeson Carson Associates Inc. has been providing individuals, families, businesses and corporations with the tools needed to secure their financial future. We are a team of qualified professional accountants, licensed insolvency trustees in bankruptcy and specialized staff, who strive to build financially healthier communities. Our focus is to ensure that you solve your financial problems. We are committed to providing solutions that will improve your quality of life, help you gain financial control and achieve your personal and financial goals.

If you are having money problems in Orleans, Ontario, we invite you to either call us or email us. Whatever the issues, our Orleans credit counselling staff can help you. There many be many other options besides bankruptcy.



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Orleans Licensed Insolvency Trustees - solutions for money problems, debt problems, debt consolidation, tax issues, credit problems, student loan relief in Orleans. For more information, also visit our Ottawa Bankruptcy web site..

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